Commercial Infrared Scanning Services

For all structural and electrical problems that are detectable to the eye, there are some that are impossible to detect without expensive and time-consuming deconstruction, often working on a risky hit-or-miss basis. To avoid this, and to detect problems easily and inexpensively, it is much preferable to use infrared scanning. Arizona Infrared can provide in-depth safety evaluations of your building, avoid unscheduled down times, and do so without invasive operations.

What is infrared scanning?

Fuse clip heatInfrared light is the range of light past the color red which is not visible to human eyes. When common electrical objects, or anything near room temperature produces heat, that heat is visible on the infrared light range. Although we cannot see it, our scanning instruments convert the infrared images into a false color image in colors arranged by relative heat. Blues and purples represent low heat, reds and yellows high heat. Night vision actually uses similar technology.

When electrical components or infrastructure is not working properly, the range of heat they produce changes. We can detect this with our cameras. Thus, even if we cannot see through the wall where they are contained, we are able to observe through changes in the infrared light they produce whether there is a malfunction, and where it is with perfect accuracy.

Is it safe?

Absolutely. People actually interact with infrared light and objects which can detect it in everyday life. TV remotes use infrared light to interact with your TV from a distance, although you still shouldn’t stare at it. The scanners on the other hand do not emit any radiation, light, or in fact anything at all. Infrared scanners detect the waves of heat from objects and convert them into a sensor array. The sensors then convert that information to electrical signals, which can be used to create a false color image that we can interpret. There is absolutely no danger to your building, your employees or yourself.

What are the applications for commercial buildings?

Electrical Efficiency

Internal breaker heatOur scanners can detect a fault which may cause system shut down, or activation of the backup system. The following systems should be scanned regularly: main switchboards and disconnects, main distribution panels and disconnects, utility substations, uninterruptible power supplies, generator controls, main I-line panels, lighting panels, service disconnects for motors, and machine control panels among others.

Energy Audits

If your home or business is heating itself inefficiently, this is easy to detect with infrared scanning. We can see insulation leaks, as well as how well your building heats and cools itself in relation to the outside temperature. We can even detect things like moisture buildup, or areas of weak structural integrity.

Structural Inspections

Infrared scanning can actually be used to check a building’s structural soundness. With our scanners, we can tell you if your roof, walls, windows and floor are all performing properly keeping you safer and saving you money.

Underground Heating, Water and Gas Lines

Obviously, if you have a problem underground, even finding it by conventional means could require countless work hours and expense, potentially even shutting down your whole building during the process. Infrared scanning can avoid all of that. We can detect problems before you know about them, point out exactly where they are, and save you a fortune in time and money.

There is no reason not to, so please request an inspection from Arizona Infrared today.