Electrical Infrared Scanning Services

Overloaded Fuse

Overloaded Fuse

We depend on electrical devices in today’s world to work at constant and break neck pace. Because of this, electrical fuses are often dangerously overloaded. Most people plug multiple devices into a single outlet which draws a large volume of power from the circuit. An Infrared Scan will be able to see if there are any overloaded components to your system (breakers, fuses, wires, etc…) which will allow you to adjust your power draw accordingly to lessen your chances of equipment failures and possibly fires.

Frayed or shorting wires

Loose ConnectionWires can become frayed or short out for a number of reasons. A rodent could have chewed off the wire’s protective outer coating. Years of rubbing against a sharp object could cause frays. Whatever the reason, damaged wiring is something that needs to be detected and fixed as soon as possible. Using IR Scanning, we can detect where the damage has occurred and then make the required adjustments to fix the issues that are present.

Electrical Components

An electrical component will malfunction prior to completely blowing out. When this happens, it overheats from ensuing shocks, sparks, power surges or unreliable electrical currents. Any electrical components emitting too much heat are identified through an infrared scan and can then be repaired or replaced to fix the issues.

Faulty breakers

If there are electrical issues going on inside your building the electrical breakers and fuses are normally one of the first places to check. Circuit breakers and fuses are essential in protecting your wiring and equipment from damage. They will also produce a large amount of heat when not working properly. Thermal imaging will find faulty breakers or fuses and determine if there are any other issues located inside the enclosures.