Expert Witness

We have worked as an expert witness in construction defects and in thermography both in criminal and civil proceedings at the local and federal levels. We have also provided expert reports in litigation settlements.

What makes a good expert witness?

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One must be well trained, a good investigator, be able to write clear, concise and comprehensive reports, and must be able to present their findings in a manner that will not alienate the judge and/or jury. You can be the most knowledgeable person in your field yet if the jury or judge dislikes you then you can do more harm than good to your clients. You must also be able to honestly assess your capabilities and work within them. You must also be dedicated to constantly learning your fields of expertise as technologies and methodologies are constantly advancing. One must also be able to meet time deadlines involved in the case while still ensuring the best possible result for the client.

When is the best time to hire and expert witness?

It is a good idea to get a witness as early in the case as possible. Usually site visits will be needed so we can replicate the conditions from the incident. Cases involving thermal imaging will usually require collecting data (performing infrared scans) to provide a comparison to the original work to aid the court in ruling on the case. These scans will need to be done as close to the original conditions as possible to ensure comparable results. It is also critically important to share as much evidence in the case as possible as our experience may reveal other important factors which can provide critical assistance in your case.

We have trained under and with some of the most respected names in the thermal imaging community and through our affiliation with United Infrared, Inc. have access to equipment and support that is unparalleled.

Please contact us to review your specific case and answer any questions you may have.