Leak Detection Infrared Scanning

19Every building has several pipes running through its walls. They come in various sizes and lengths, each with its own unique purpose. Every one of these pipes has the ability to leak. Leaks can be caused by many things such as damage to the building, age, and rodents. Leaks can turn into much bigger issues when left undetected. They can waste water, start mold growing, and cause expensive structural damage to the building. It can be hard to locate a leak once you suspect one. Traditionally, it required damage to the walls by opening large holes so one could see what was going on inside. Today we can use thermal imaging to find out the exact location of a leak without harming the walls in any way.

Detecting Leaks

18It is important to immediately address water leaks as they can cause severe and costly damage to the structure when left untouched. You may think that infrared scanning won’t be able to pinpoint the leak since it will be the same temperature as most of the pipes. Thanks to the evaporative cooling effect of moisture, we can easily detect moisture inside the walls and ceiling. At the very least, it will guide us to the leak’s source once we follow the path of the water damage.

Detecting Water Damage

Along with helping us find leaks, the infrared scan can show us the places that have suffered the most water damage. Damage isn’t usually contained in one area. Water can drip and soak through to many other locations in the walls and possibly floors of a building. Finding all of the damage can be close to impossible without the help of infrared scanning. Fixing the leak alone is not good enough. Water damage that isn’t repaired can rot or grow mold. Finding all of these damaged areas can save you from further issues in the future.

Detecting Mold

If you have had a leaky pipe repaired in the past but didn’t manage to get all of the water damage taken care of, our infrared scanning can find any remaining moisture which will possibly cause mold growths. Mold issues can be dangerous. Mold spores can be in the air you breathe and cause health problems for building occupants.

Leaks in the Heat Lines

You could be wasting large amounts of money on energy costs if you have a leak in your heating lines. Fortunately, heating pipes that are leaking are the easiest type of leak to find with infrared scanning. Instead of cold showing on the infrared scan, the heat will show up at the location of the leak allowing us to pinpoint exactly where it is.