Residential Infrared Scanning Services

Your home may have structural defects that are causing problems. You cannot figure out what these defects are unless you begin tearing the inside of the building apart. An infrared scan will show you where the defects in the building are in a real time image. You can pass these images on to your contractor, and you can make the wisest repairs possible for your home.

Scanning For Water Damage

When you have a roof leak, flood, or burst pipe at the house, you need to know how far the water damage goes. You cannot see behind the walls or above the ceiling, but the infrared scanner can see these places for you.  The images that you get back from the scanner will show you what needs to be done to fully repair the water damage in the house.

Heat Loss

One great benefit of infrared scanning is spotting uninsulated areas in ceilings and walls. This can locate gaps where heat can escape directly; it can also spot areas of low insulation where heat is passing through solid walls, ceilings, doors, etc.

When you hire an infrared technology company to scan your home or office, you get an accurate picture of what is happening in your building or home. You can use these images to show repair crews what is going on, and you can make an accurate assessment of what it will cost to fix the damage.

Other Infrared Services

We are licensed to perform home and termite visual inspections in Arizona and also offer pool inspection services. We are ASHI Certified Inspectors and have performed over 3000 home inspections and 2000 termite inspections with 10 years of experience performing inspections. We take pride in performing very thorough inspections and providing highly detailed reports that are easy to understand.